Lack of Maintenance

I was once a huge car fanatic, and enjoyed getting my car modified for higher performance.

When I was younger and care free, like most young guys, I loved cars.  I simply fell in love with the concept of “pimping” my ride, so I could drive faster than everyone else, and have a killer sound system to go with it.  I thought I was the coolest guy on the road with my pimped out 91 Honda Accord, 5 speed manual transmission.  Having a manual transmission made it even more exciting for me, because I could do burn outs.  It was something about burning rubber and feeling the car spin out that excited me.

I can go on and on about my car fascination era, but I’ll digress for the sake of time.

As much as I loved getting my car worked on (some of it I did myself), I did a horrible job with the upkeep, and maintenance.

Sadly, after about 2 years of service neglect, the engine gave out, and the car eventually died.  I was devastated because I really loved that car. Looking back, I think I had so much confidence in the fact that it was Honda, it’ll run forever, with very little servicing. While it was a painful loss, I learned a valuable lesson….I need to do a better job of servicing my vehicles moving forward.  A lesson I’ve stuck with until this day.

The point of the story is to draw an analogy.  Computers are similar to cars in the sense that they require proper upkeep for longevity.  You want to do what I call system optimization about every 6 to 12 months.

Here’s a quick list of things that we do to optimize our clients computer, on a regular basis:

  1. Do a Windows Update
  2. Create a System Restore Point (this is so you can revert back to an earlier date, in case your computer starts acting funny)
  3. Do a registry cleanup with ccleaner (3rd party free app)
  4. Do a check for malware, using Malwarebytes (another 3rd part free app)
  5. Kill unnecessary applications from starting during boot-up
  6. Make sure virus definitions are up to date

Doing these steps at least once a year, will improve the performance, along with the lifespan of your computer.

Don’t do like I did with my car, and have your computer fail on you, because of maintenance neglect.  It’ll save you a lot in the long run.

If you want us to be that maintenance team for your computers and network, head over to to take advantage of our Managed Service.