Level of Efficiency

Let’s first define what an IT Consultant is.  An IT (Information Technology) Consultant is someone that has both professional experience and education in the field of IT support.

Because the acronym “IT” is so broad, I’ll narrow it down even further, as it relates to our area of focus.  An IT Consultant can be proficient in any or all of the following, as examples:

  • Computer Technician
  • Server Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Repair Guy/Gal

The term “Consultant”, allow for us to play the different roles, along with being an adviser.

Now, let’s expand a bit on the topic of Level of Efficiency.

You want to make sure that the IT Consultant or tech company you hire is efficient.

Is there a way for you to confirm this, you ask?  Sure there is.  It all starts by asking the right questions.

I’ll give you three basic ones to start with.

Make sure your next IT Consultant can answer the following questions:

  1. How soon do you get back to your clients when they put in a service request?
  2. Do you have any type of tracking system, or ticketing system for all your service requests?
  3. Can you provide at least 3 client references you’re currently working with?

An IT Consultant that’s confident in their level of service should have no problems providing a straight answer to these questions.

If they do, that’s your first set of red flags.

The Managed Services we have in place enables you to get that level of efficiency.  Because it operates literally 24/7, you’re able to receive consistent and predictable services, each month.  Efficiency at it’s best.