New Website

The past two weeks has been a bit crazy for me.

Unfortunately, our website was hacked.  Apparently some solicitor found a way to get to the backdoor of our site so they could advertise their stuff.  To the naked eye, you wouldn’t be able to see it, because it’s all done in codes.

By placing their crap on our site, it allows for their products to somehow get better rankings by Google……the nerve of these people!

After investigating what happened, how it happened, and what needed to be done, I decided to get a new website.  I turned a bad situation into good (I always like to look on the bright side of things).

I’m an IT consultant, not a web developer, so I really wasn’t paying much attention to the security of our website.  I figured “hey, as long as it’s up and running then everything is fine”……but it wasn’t fine.

That’s kind of what most people do with their computers, network and servers.  If everything is up and running…..everything is fine, right?  Wrong!

Here’s what’s crazy about this scenario.  It was our Managed Service software (that comes with web protection) that detected it.

Had it not been for the Managed Software agent on the computer, I never would’ve known our site was hacked.  Good thing I had that protection in place, right?

So how did this happen?

The real problem was with our website.  There was no security of any kind to safeguard us from such an attack.  I ended up having to contact our web hosting company and get them to place a security firewall on the website (the new one), and clean up the damages that were done.

With this new found knowledge, I had to share this information with you all, so you can be informed as well..

If you or your company have a website that you’re depending on to conduct business, it’s imperative to get a security software placed on your website.  It’s an extra cost but it’s worth it, trust me.

This is like placing an anti-virus on your computer.  It’s an additional cost, but you know it’s worth getting one, or your computer will be infected.

Here’s how you do it, contact your hosting company, and tell them you’d like to get a security software installed on your website.  For instance, my web hosting company is Bluehost, I contacted Bluehost to explain my dilemma, and they put me in touch with their security team, SiteLock.  SiteLock then cleaned up the mess, and place a firewall on my site.

If you’re not sure how to get all this done, just let me know, and I’ll assist you.

Feel free to check out our new site below and give your input.  Constructive feedback are always welcomed.  Keep in mind, we’re still working on the website, so there may be some things still out of place.