Professionals Know Something You Don’t

I was a Procrastinator

I procrastinated a lot in college.  Most of my studies were left until the last minute before I’d even consider opening a book.

I simply despised studying.  I’d rather go hang out with friends, or go partying (that’s mostly what college kids do by the way) than to crack open a book to study.  I guess that’s why I developed some levels of test anxiety.  I’d cram all that I could get in, about two nights before the actual exams.  As a result, I’d go into class on exam day not feeling very prepared.

It was easier for me to put off my studies until the last minute.  I simply loathed doing it.  When I finally get around to doing it, I literally had to force myself to do it because I had no other choice.

It was deeper than that however, and I had to come to terms with it.  I procrastinated with my studies in college, because I wasn’t good at it.  No matter how much I studied and how much notes I took during class, my test results were almost always the same…..poor or average at best.

But there was something I didn’t know.

I didn’t know what study patterns worked best for me.  After some time of constantly getting poor results on my exams and becoming frustrated, I decided to investigate the matter.

I met with a professional testing center, that was affiliated with the University I attended, and they had me go through a regimented program.  I did two days of sensory testing to see what type of learner I was, and how I best obtain information.  It was some heavy stuff.

But I’m glad I did it.

After all the results came in, I was diagnosed with……drum role please……”Expressive Receptive Language Disorder”.

I’d never heard of the disorder before, nor have I heard anyone else with a similar diagnosis.  But it exist apparently……crazy huh?  What it is essentially, is I need more time than the average person to process information given to me.  It also helps that I write down information on a subject I’m not familiar with.  I can leisurely review that information at a later time to better anchor the material.

The good news is, once I was armed with this information from this professional testing center, my performance dramatically improved.  I finally became aware of what I was doing, and how to study more effectively.  From that point my exam scores and grades went up, and I would regularly make the Dean’s list.  Studying became fun after that.

I learned a valuable lesson from that experience.

You benefit so much from getting help from a professional, as opposed you trying to figure things out on your own.  There are things that a professional know that you don’t.  That was my experience.  It was costly for a broke college kid, like me to go through that program, but it paid off immensely.

As a professional IT consultant, your company would benefit from our services.  Sure, you could figure it out on your own…..but why would you want to?  You’ll save yourself so much time and energy by having us do it for you.

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