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What we do

Outsourced IT support for small businesses

We provide IT Consulting services onsite and remotely to small business.  We are also a managed service provider. Tired of non-responsive IT services?  We can help with that. Our monthly managed services places you on the priority list for response time.

Not interested in getting tied into a monthly contract?  We got you covered there also.  Schedule a one time service at your convenience, and a tech will be onsite to solve those tech related issues.  


We know IT and anything "tech" related can get quite complicated.  That is why we're dedicated to keep everything we do simple.


As professional consultants, we put the needs of our clients first.  Our professionalism is top notch.


Being an IT professional doesn't mean we're geeks. We're just like you, real people.  As such, we look to building relationships in addition to solving IT related issues.

Services We Offer

Onsite service

Are you having issues with your computers, server, or your entire network?  Let one of our technicians come there to your office location to solve those issues for you.  Are techs are cordial, friendly, and professional.  Instead of trying to figure things out on your own, allow us to handle your tech issues, so you can focus on what matters most, your business.

remote support

Many tech related issues can be solved remotely these days.  A simple download of our remote agent is all that's needed to get started.  Reach out to see how we can get started remotely to solving your tech issues.

monthly managed services

Our signature monthly service is our Managed Services.  This is where we build that trust with you, allowing our team to maintain your computers, data and entire network on a monthly basis.  We ensure that your systems are fully secure, running smoothly and most importantly, your data is backed up daily to a remote location.

Contact us today to inquire about our Managed Service package to see if we're a good fit for your business.

what makes us different?

We Understand You

We've always noticed that there was an apparent disconnect between computer technicians and end users.  The tech loves fixing computers so much that he/she forgets how to communicate effectively with the end user.

The end user on the other hand, just wants the darn thing to work.  But they also wants to feel like they're problem is understood by someone who knows what they're doing, and also has the patience to service them.

So the lack of communication between tech and end user is where we come in.  Yeah we can fix your computer, but we also want you to understand what's happening, why it's happened and what we did to fix it.  All in laymen's term.

Partner With Us!

At Advanced-PCs, we know how precious your time is. That's why we're committed to help save you time and money.  Whether you need to get your printer to be installed, or your server needs to be replaced, let us be your outsourced IT partners.  

Why continue to waste time working with non-responsive IT companies, that doesn't see the value of your business nor your time.  

By partnering with us, you'll be sure to be working with a company that truly cares about you, speaks the same language you do, also get the job done.

Contact us today and see how Advanced-PCs can be of value to your company.


What they say

tim rexroad


Advanced-PCs has been a great asset to our firm.  We've been working with their team well over three years not and have been very satisfied! Andrew has been able to solve many of the tech problems that others before him couldn't figure out.  His responsiveness to our requests is impeccable and his prices are fair.  He's great to work with and I highly recommend him!

Dr. Akinbi


Advanced-PCs helped transitioned our old computers to the new ones on my dental office.  We worked in phases and I appreciate that he followed up with us either through phone calls or emails just to make sure everything was running smoothly.  I will recommend Andrew and his team to anyone that need a competent and professional IT company to work with.  Thank you Andrew!!

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