Advanced-PCs is an IT Consulting company that provides outsourced IT support to small businesses in the DC metro area.  We pride ourselves on providing services that’s relevant to the nature of your business.  No two businesses are exactly alike, as such, we orient our services to cater to the needs that are important to each particular business.  We’ve been in the IT industry for over 20 years, providing value to businesses via our consulting and managed services.

Our Founding

IT Services - Computer Consulting

Andrew Walker


Advanced-PCs was founded by Andrew Walker in 2006, while attending George Mason University.  He saw the opportunity to start a part time business, as other college kids kept asking him to "fix their computers".

The novel idea to fix computers for college kids grew into something bigger years later.  Post his college years, Andrew turned his idea into a legitimate business, serving other businesses in the local northern Virginia area. 

A Little History

The journey to becoming a full time IT Consulting company was met with many peaks and valleys.  All of which has contributed to making Advanced-PCs a better IT company.  Andrew discovered his place as an independent consultant, once he entered the corporate world.  That desire grew into a newly defined IT Consulting company that places an emphasis on people first, and computers/technology second.

Early development

Post college years, Andrew honed his tech skills by entering the corporate environment, as a desktop support technician. There was a constant theme that was evident.  A HUGE communication gap between end users and technicians.  A need that Andrew saw as an opportunity.  

Technicians were more concerned with their tech skills, and lacked effective people skills.   As a result, there was almost always tension between technicians and end users, due to poor communication.  

This opportunity allowed Andrew to improve and redefine his part-time business to do the exact opposite.  A company with technicians that does not speak in tech jargon, but rather in English, that built relationships with people more so than with their tech/computer.   

birth of a Culture

With the new insight of what the professional market needed, Advanced-PCs was created with the culture of keeping what we do simple and personable.  

This gave birth to our slogan of Keeping IT Simple.  The "IT" in our slogan is short for Information Technology.  Most technicians tend to overcomplicate their solution process, and forget completely about their most important element, the end user.  Or as we like to call them, our clients.  

From this point, our entire operations revolves around the concept of placing the people we serve first, and our process and technology second. 

Operations for today and tomorrow 

We adapt as the market continues to evolve and change.  Advanced-PCs today is different from what we were when we first started out. Our adaptability to change is one of our strengths.  We're always to listening to the needs of our market, and deliver accordingly.  

As such, we're always growing and welcome change. As technology continues to change and improve, Advanced-PCs will be here to support you and your business in our simple and personable way.    

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