Discover 3 Ways Windows 11 Will Make Your Computer Faster

If your computer is running a little slow, you may be due for an update. The next version of the Windows operating system, Windows 11, could help with that. 

Did you know that upgrading to Windows 11 will make your computer faster?

This new OS promises to be faster and more efficient than its predecessors, with many new features to boot.  Yes, I know this is Microsoft we’re talking about, but they have been working on improving Windows, which is why they keep coming out with newer and better versions.

Look at it this way, every new version of Windows is designed to be better than its predecessor. 

…at least in theory.

With Windows Vista being the exception of course. That version of Windows was a complete disaster!

So let’s discover the 3 ways in which your computer will run faster by upgrading to Windows 11.

Revamped Start Menu

Windows 11 Will Make Your Computer Faster

The Start menu is getting an overhaul in Windows 11. 

This new menu will make your computer faster and more efficient because you can get to what you need faster.  Also, the experience is a bit more personalized.

Microsoft is finally giving the Start menu a much-needed redesign that’s more suited to increase productivity among its users. 

The efficiency of the new design is what adds to the increased speed.

Here’s what I mean.

When the Start menu is not as “busy” as it is in Windows 10, less memory and other resources are consumed.  This in turn improves performance for the user.

Here’s what you can expect from the new Start menu in Windows 11:

  • A cleaner, more streamlined design that’s easier to navigate.
  • Tiles that are easier to organize and resize.
  • The ability to pin your favorite apps and programs for quick access.
  • An improved search feature, so you can find what you’re looking for faster.

With its fresh new look and improved functionality, the Start menu in Windows 11 is sure to make your life a little bit easier

But let’s talk about the elephant in the room here for a second.

At first glance Windows 11 sort of has a Mac feel to it, at least after the initial installation.  By the way, you can always go and shop for a Macbook online, if you’re more of a Mac person.

The dead giveaway here is the Start Menu in Windows 11 being dead smack in the middle of the taskbar.  Traditionally, the Start menu for Windows operating systems is located on the lower left side of the screen.  We’ve all come to love and have gotten quite comfortable seeing the Start menu on the lower-left side of the screen.

Menus in the middle of the taskbar at the bottom of the screen is a Mac thing.

But that’s an easy fix to move the Start menu back to the left side of the screen.  As you’ll see in the video below:

Improved Search Feature

According to Microsoft, they’re making it easier for you to find what you need, whether you’re looking for files on your computer or information on the web.  Second, they’re making some changes to the way Windows works behind the scenes.  Essentially optimizing how memory is used, so your computer can run more efficiently.

Anytime you hear the word “optimize”, that’s a good indication that things are being improved.

With Windows 11, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for more quickly and easily than ever before. The search function has been completely revamped to include support for natural language processing.

What this means is that you can simply type in what you’re looking for, in simple terms, and Windows 11 will do its best to find the most relevant results. 

Similar functionality to that of a search engine

In addition to being more accurate and finding relevant results, the new search function is also much faster than the old one.  So if you’re always searching for something on your computer, Windows 11 is definitely worth upgrading to.

Sure Windows 10 has this feature, but it’s better and faster when you upgrade to Windows 11. 

Something to consider.

Storage Sense is Improved

Windows 11 will make your computer faster by optimizing your storage. With Storage Sense, Windows will automatically free up space on your device by deleting temporary files and making sure that your recycle bin is emptied regularly.

This will help keep your device running smoothly and improve its overall performance.

This feature will help your computer run faster by clearing out old, unused files and making room for new ones. 

How cool is that?

Storage Sense started in Windows 10 and was released as an added feature in one of the later updates.

However, with the release of Windows 11, Storage Sense has been greatly improved and will make your computer run faster for sure.  Although this is a great feature in Windows 11 to help speed up your computer, you will need to turn it on manually.

In order to turn on Storage Sense in Windows 11, do the following:

  1. Click on Start
  2. Select “Settings” from the Start menu
  3. When the Setting Option opens, click on “Storage” 
  4. In the middle of that page under Storage Media, you’ll see “Storage Sense”.
  5. To the right of Storage Sense is the toggle button to turn it “on or off”.  By default, it’s set to off.  Click on it once to turn this feature on, as see in the image below.
    Windows 11 Will Make Your Computer Faster

By the way, there’s a faster way to get this option.

Simply click on Start, and type in Storage Sense, and it’ll bring you to the same place.

Once the feature is turned on, it’ll start doing its magic.  You can also go into the settings by clicking on Storage Sense and set your desired preferences.

Your computer will thank you!

How To Upgrade to Windows 11

Upgrading to Windows 11 for all Windows 10 users is free.

However, that free upgrade offer does have a deadline and is set to come to an end sometime in October 2022.  So if you want to take advantage of this free, you may want to take advantage sooner, rather than later.

 There are two ways to upgrade for free from your Windows 10 computer.  The first way is by running windows update on your computer.  It’s really simple.

  1. Click on Start.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Choose the Update and Security option.
  4. Click on the “Check for Updates” button, and Windows will check for Windows 11 availability.  In most cases, it’ll already be there, waiting for you to download and install it.

The second option is to download the upgrade from Microsft’s website.

The installation is pretty simple to complete.  The entire process will take between one to two hours.

To Conclude

As you can see, these 3 ways will contribute to making your computer faster when you upgrade to Windows 11. 

With an improved Start menu, you can get to apps much faster, and it’s a bit more personalized.

The search is more optimized and Storage Sense helps to clear out unneeded and unused files and folders automatically for you.

Also for you gamers out there, Windows 11 was designed with you mind as well. 

The overall gaming experience has been improved in Windows 11.  As it relates to speed, one of the improvements for gaining is that all background apps and programs are set to limited functionality, allowing for more resources to be allocated by the game.

This feature is not available in Windows 10.

By upgrading to Windows 11, you can take advantage of the new features and improve your overall experience.

Not only will it make your machine faster, but it will also improve its overall performance.

Remember, it’s a free upgrade for Windows 10 users!

Upgrade to Windows 11 and see the difference for yourself!



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